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Eco-Friendly Tomato (Pink Bumblebee) Seeds
Eco-Friendly Tomato (Pink Bumblebee) Seeds

Eco-Friendly Tomato (Pink Bumblebee) Seeds


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Solanum lycopersicum.

Available in preorder for our 2023 harvest restock!

This gorgeous variety gives small to medium-sized fruits that have a beautiful pink color with yellow stripes. They have a sweet and tangy flavor, making them a popular choice for salads, sandwiches, and snacking. They are relatively easy to grow and can be cultivated in gardens or containers. With their vibrant appearance and delicious taste, pink bumblebee tomatoes are a delightful addition to any tomato lover's collection.

  • Open pollinated.
  • Grows in ~70 days.

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Eco-Friendly Tomato (Pink Bumblebee) Seeds

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