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Heirloom Squash (Vegetable Marrow) Seeds
Heirloom Squash (Vegetable Marrow) Seeds

Heirloom Squash (Vegetable Marrow) Seeds


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Cucurbita pepo.

Available in preorder for our 2023 harvest restock!

Often referred to as simply "marrow," is a summer squash variety known for its tender flesh and mild, slightly sweet flavor. It typically has a pale green skin and creamy white flesh. It is very versatile and can be used in various culinary preparations, from roasting and grilling to stuffing and sautéing, making it a popular choice for summer dishes.

  • Open pollinated.
  • Can mature anywhere from light green to dark green.
  • 80-100 days to full maturity.

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Heirloom Squash (Vegetable Marrow) Seeds

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